Pet Sitting Checklist

On our first meeting we will discuss a list of services we can provide while we are caring for your pet. These services are included, if applicable, in the visit cost.

  • Releasing your security system
  • Bringing in the newspapers
  • Bringing in the mail
  • Giving each pet clean, fresh water
  • Giving each pet the proper amount of food
  • Giving treats (if they are allowed)
  • Cleaning up any accidents that may occur
  • Watering all the plants
  • Having meaningful playtime with each pet
  • Taking pets for walks
  • Forwarding messages if requested
  • Checking all internal doors and windows
  • Checking all external doors and windows
  • Changing the lighting arrangement (on and off)
  • Make certain pets are in proper places
  • Administering medication if needed
  • Re-locking the house
  • Restoring the security system
  • Leaving summary of services for owners

If there are any other tasks you need taken care of while you are away, don’t hesitate to ask.