Pet Sitting & Dog Walking FAQ’s

Our pet sitters will visit your pets in your own home. This helps maintain their routine as much as possible and makes them more comfortable in familiar surroundings.
Pet sitters are available to care for your pets while you’re out of town, but they are also available for dog walks, mid-day breaks, pet taxi services, pet waste removal and shopping services.

It’s best to have a minimum of two visits per day for dogs; but three visits (or more) are recommended. One visit per day for cats is usually sufficient (and required). Other pets, such as birds, fish, and other small animals will vary.

Pet Sitting visits last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. Dog walks range between 15 minutes and an hour. Longer visits can be arranged.

Prices vary depending on the type of service and number of pets. Check out our Services page for links to service descriptions and pricing.

We require payment in advance at the initial service consultation for first-time clients. For subsequent reservations, payment must be received in the office before the start of your reservation by mailed check or credit card. See Payment Policy for details.

We work 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

We will offer to keep your key for future services. Monterey Pet Care keeps all client keys in a locked and secure location when not in use.

Unless otherwise specified, we will always attempt to contact you first. At your discretion, our first choice is to take your pet to your usual vet. However, in case of an emergency, we might need to use an alternate vet or emergency clinic. If you cannot be reached, we will decide if the situation requires immediate veterinary attention and ensure the pet receives the appropriate treatment. Emergency instructions will be reviewed at the service consultation.  The client is responsible for all veterinary fees, as well as additional fees for time spent by Monterey Pet Care.

Yes. Liability insurance protects you should there be an incident while you are away. Your pet sitter should be able to show you proof of insurance and/or bonding.

Most definitely! Call 831-216-1621 and we will happily provide references.

We do offer overnight stays should you desire these services.

Yes. However, there is an additional fee for each holiday visit.

Generally, the visits will consist of providing fresh food and water, play time, outdoor time, and other special attention for your pet. Please review our pet sitting checklist for more details.

Absolutely! Give your pet sitter a call, email or text message right before you leave to confirm that you are leaving as planned. Another call, email or text message is appreciated when you return home to let the pet sitter know your pets are safely in your care.

First, give us a call or fill out this form to set up a service consultation. We’ll discuss your pet’s special needs and develop the right plan to care for your pets. When you leave on your trip, just leave your pet’s food, snacks, medications, bedding, toys, or other special items and we’ll do the rest.

Sorry. We don’t offer boarding services, but in the event that your pet becomes ill we can transport them to your vet and set up an extended stay at your residence to monitor your pet’s well-being.

Yes, this can be arranged.

We ask that you contact us at least a week in advance to set up a service consultation. We can accommodate last-minute arrangements if necessary. See our last-minute policy for more details.

We will purchase the same food your pet eats and charge you when you return.

It is extremely important that you let us know immediately if you will be arriving home late from your vacation if you need continued care. Please note that you will be charged for extra visits.

Clients are responsible for the entire initial reservation fee, even if they come home early. See our cancellation policy for more details. Please make sure to keep us updated if your schedule changes at any time.

We would prefer to look after indoor cats only. We cannot be responsible for the care and well-being of your outdoor cat. Anything can happen and we feel it is just too risky. We may not even see your cat for the entire time you are away if we are only there for 30 minutes each day. If your cat is an outdoor cat, we request that you keep the cat indoors for the time while you are away.

We will do everything possible to resolve the situation without disrupting your trip. We will contact your emergency contact for instruction and, if necessary, we will contact you.

We will maintain a daily report, including documenting everything that we did and everything that happened with your pets. We will also let you know if there was any abnormal behavior by your pets or about their eating habits.  Feel free to check in any time you like!

No, we only provide services in your home where your pet is the most comfortable.

Many people like to include neighbors, relatives, and friends in pet sitting duties. These well-intentioned actions cause much confusion during a shared responsibility sitting assignment. The most common problems are excessive or missed feeding, unlocked doors, and lost keys. We absolutely cannot be responsible for any sitting assignment where others are going to share the workload. We advise that anyone considering this split of duties to make one person responsible for the entire assignment.

Yes, we do not share client contact information for marketing or any other purpose.

While you can leave your key with us indefinitely, you can arrange to have the keys returned at an extra charge. We do not leave keys in your home on the final visit in case you are delayed in returning home.