Dog Walking Services

Dog Walking

Does your dog need a mid-day break during the week? We are available Monday through Friday to take your dog for a walk or let them out for some exercise and, most importantly, a potty break.

30 minutes → $20
45 minutes → $25
60 minutes → $30

Dog Running

Does your dog need a vigorous workout? Give your energetic dog the pleasure of our new service: dog running! An experienced runner will take your dog through your neighborhood or nearby park and leave them pooped. Dog running is available for individual dogs who are well-behaved, conditioned, and run well on a leash.

30 minutes → $35
45 minutes → $45
60 minutes → $55

Community Rates

Does your neighbor have a dog? We will lower your rate if we visit 3 or more clients within the same time frame. Group walks are also available as long as all dogs know each other and all clients approve. Longer walks are available, upon request. Spread the word about Monterey Pet Care and save!

15 minutes → 3-5 clients → $14 per client
15 minutes → 6-9 clients → $13 per client
15 minutes → 10+ clients → $12 per client

Puppy PawsPort

Does your dog need a change of scenery? We will take your dog to the park, beach or on a hike for one hour of quality exercise and playtime. Transportation is included. Our Puppy PawsPort is a great opportunity for your dog to meet and play with other dogs. Limit 3 dogs per trip.

60 minutes → $45

(Available playtime adventure locations: Marina: Marina Dunes; Seaside: Del Ray Oaks Dog Park; Monterey: Monterey Bay Coastal Trail, Rip Van Winkle Park, Del Monte Forrest; Carmel: Carmel Beach, Garland Ranch; Know of another cool place?)

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