Dog Walking Services

Dog Walking

Does your dog need a mid-day break during the week? We are available Monday through Friday to take your dog for a walk or let them out for some exercise and, most importantly, a potty break.

30 minutes → $30
45 minutes → $40
60 minutes → $50

Dog Running

Does your dog need a vigorous workout? Give your energetic dog the pleasure of our new service: dog running! An experienced runner will take your dog through your neighborhood or nearby park and leave them pooped. Dog running is available for individual dogs who are well-behaved, conditioned, and run well on a leash.

15 minutes → $30
30 minutes → $40
45 minutes → $50
60 minutes → $60

Puppy PawsPort

Does your dog need a change of scenery? We will take your dog to the park, beach or on a hike for one hour of quality exercise and playtime. Transportation is included. Our Puppy PawsPort is a great opportunity for your dog to meet and play with other dogs. Limit 2 dogs per trip.

1 hour → $75
2 hours → $125

(Available playtime adventure locations: Marina: Marina Dunes; Seaside: Del Ray Oaks Dog Park; Monterey: Monterey Bay Coastal Trail, Rip Van Winkle Park, Del Monte Forrest; Carmel: Carmel Beach, Garland Ranch; Know of another cool place?)

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