Let's take a walk!

Monterey Pet Care is excited to offer 8 years of award-winning professional pet sitting and dog walking services to the many two- and four-legged residents on the Monterey Peninsula. We've also got you covered if you need us to take your pet to the vet or groomer. Throwing a party? Want your yard cleaned? Call 831-216-1621 for more information!

Pet Sitting

Are you going on vacation? Out of town on business? Just want to hit the city for the night or catch a baseball game? Call Monterey Pet Care for reliable, year-round professional pet sitting for your cats, dogs, fish and other pets. Basic house sitting services included.

Pet Sitting Services and Pricing

Mid-Day Dog Walks

It would be nice if everyone could take their dogs to work or to have the time and physical ability to take them out for that much needed mid-day break. We understand that's not always possible, so call Monterey Pet Care because we walk the walk!

Dog Walking Services and Pricing

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Pet Sitting

Going on vacation? Business trip? Need a date night? Our pet care provider will come to your home, feed your pet and refill their water. Your pet will also get plenty of exercise, playtime and careful attention.

30 minutes → $30

45 minutes → $40

60 minutes → $50

Our overnight stays will give your pet extra attention help them avoid inconvenient accidents. You determine our length of stay, but remember to request additional daytime visits if you are gone for more than a night.

9pm-7am → $85

7pm-7am (Extended Hours) → $125

Dog baths can be added to any pet sitting service. Your dog will be washed in your own home, but you must provide your own cleansers, towels and other supplies. You do not need to be home during this service.

Each dog (under 25lbs) → $30

Each dog (over 25lbs) → $40

Pill administration is $5 per pet (No charge if given with food or treats). Shopping services will be applied if client runs out of supplies (food, litter, etc...) at $30 per delivery plus cost of purchase.

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Dog Walking

Does your dog need a mid-day break during the week? We are available Monday through Friday to take your dog for a walk or let them out for some exercise and, most importantly, a potty break.

30 minutes → $30

45 minutes → $40

60 minutes → $50

Does your dog need a vigorous workout? Give your energetic dog the pleasure of our new service: dog running! An experienced runner will take your dog through your neighborhood or nearby park and leave them pooped. Dog running is available for individual dogs who are well-behaved, conditioned, and run well on a leash.

15 minutes → $30

30 minutes → $40

45 minutes → $50

60 minutes → $60

Does your dog need a change of scenery? We will take your dog to the park, beach or on a hike for one hour of quality exercise and playtime. Transportation is included. Our Puppy PawsPort is a great opportunity for your dog to meet and play with other dogs. Limit 3 dogs per trip.

1 hour → $75

2 hours → $125

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Pet Taxi

We will take your dog to your veterinarian, the groomer, to PETsMART, or anywhere within our service area.

$35 each way

Our service area includes Carmel, Pebble Beach, Pacific Grove, Monterey, Seaside and Marina.

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Pet Waste Removal

Unclean yards can be hazardous to your health, embarrassing if you have guests over and quite messy if your dogs track it back in your house! We offer professional pet waste removal services to rid your yard of dog waste. Services can be arranged as needed or on a regular schedule. Prices are based on properties up to half an acre (grassy areas only – additional fees may apply for complex landscaping).

1x per week → $30

2x per week → $50

Initial cleaning and one time cleanups are $60/hour. Additional dogs, please contact us for a custom quote.

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