Pet Sitting Services

In-Home Pet Sitting

Going on vacation? Business trip? Need a date night? Our pet care provider will come to your home, feed your pet and refill their water. Your pet will also get plenty of exercise, playtime and careful attention.

30 minutes → $20
45 minutes → $25
60 minutes → $30

Every cat has their own personality and needs. Some cats enjoy some TLC to hang out and play while others could really care less that we’re there. So the amount of time we spend is really dependent on the personality of your cat(s), but we try stay up to 30 minutes.

Hotel Pet Sitting

Coming into town for an event, wedding or vacation? Of coooooourse you’ll bring your dogs! The Monterey Bay area is one of the most pet-friendly in the world! There are plenty of hotels that allow pets, but they don’t usually allow them to be left alone in your room. So if you’re looking to go out to a nice dinner, check out our world-class aquarium or have another non-pet-friendly activity, give us a call! We’ll be happy to hang out with your dogs for as long as you need.

We can accommodate most pet sitting services, as if you’re dogs were left at home, including: feeding, walking, petting, playing, watching tv and just hanging out until you get back.

1-3 hours → $30/hour
4+ hours → $25/hour

Overnight Stays

Our overnight stays will give your pet extra attention help them avoid inconvenient accidents. You determine our length of stay, but remember to request additional daytime visits if you are gone for more than a night.

Tip: Why would you consider an overnight stay? Lets break it down. The normal cost for a bed time visit for 30 minutes is $20. Same for the morning visit. You would need to schedule these visits anyway. So to simply stay over night and ensure your pet (and home) are safe and happy is only an extra $35, which at 10 hours = only $3.50/hour.

9pm-7am → $75
Additional Hours → $30/hour

Dog Baths

Dog baths can be added to any pet sitting service. Your dog will be washed in your own home, but you must provide your own cleansers, towels and other supplies. You do not need to be home during this service.

Each dog → $25

*Pill administration is $3 per pet (No charge if given with food or treats). Shopping services will be applied if client runs out of supplies (food, litter, etc…) at $25 per delivery plus cost of purchase.

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